The Collection

The year 2013 marks the 37th anniversary of the Festival of Arts. The Board hopes you appreciate the quality of the art in our permanent collection and the public art pieces.

Permanent Collection at the 2nd Story Gallery

Spirit of the West

From 1977 through 1996, the Festival named a Spirit of the West who was invited to come to San Dimas for recognition and to receive a special award of a beautiful bronze by artist Richard A. Myer. The Festival commissioned an artist to create a portrait of the honoree, which is on display at the San Dimas City Hall as part of the Festival’s Art Collection. More details...

Artist of the West

From 1979 through 1994, an artist was chosen to be honored as Artist of the West. The honorees are as follows:

Burt Procter

Wilson Hurley

Fritz White

George Lundeen

Brownell McGrew

Melvin Warren

Merv Corning

Harley Brown

Ed Fraughton

Allan Houser

Gary Carter

Doc Tate Nevaquaya

Bettina Steinke

Woody Crumbo

Lloyd (Kiva) New

Reynold Brown

Special Exhibiting Artists

The following have been Special Exhibiting Artists:

Paul Calle (1981)

James Boren (1982)

Mian Situ (2003)

John Svenson (2004)

David Lemon (2006)