An important mission of the San Dimas Festival of Arts is to cultivate community awareness and pride in our western heritage.

Student Art Program

To further that goal, we are proud to support Student Art exhibitions. Thanks to the early involvement of the San Dimas Rotary Club, the Student Art program has become an integral part of our annual art festivals. An endowment fund was established to provide awards to the top student artists from local schools.Target Stores has provided additional grants to support the promotion of these young, talented students. More....

Public Art Projects

In the effort to provide community exposure to the dynamic history of the American West, the Festival accepted the challenge of undertaking a series of Public Art Projects. Funds are raised by a host of volunteers who g.2ain the support of contributions from individuals, companies, and a variety of organizations. More...

San Dimas Calender

As a courtesy, we also include a link to the San Dimas Community Calendar, which is hosted by