Articles of interest from the Festival and the wider San Dimas art community.

Festival of Arts Board Members Mourn the Loss of Long-time Friend

July 2016

Victoria Wilson-Schultz, long-time friend, exhibiting artist and advisor to the Festival of Arts, passed away at her home in Minnesota on June 19, 2016. Her breathtaking pastels and ready smile were always welcome during the twelve years she exhibited at the Festivals’ Spring and Fall shows.

Victoria’s works exhibited in San Dimas garnered her 15 awards from silver to gold. She generously advised the Festival board to establish guidelines for the Wildlife show in which she also participated. This extremely talented artist was also commissioned to paint the ‘Spirit of the West’ portrait of David Dreier in 2012.

Even though Victoria was a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PAS) and successfully exhibited her work at annual art shows throughout the country, she remained humble. This was particularly true when she won a gold medal for one of her oil paintings during the Western Arts themed show. “I am thrilled” Victoria stated. “I am most known for my pastels, so to get this award for my oil painting is a great honor. The competition at this show every year is very stiff. There are some of the best artists in the country here. To be included in this list of notable artists is an honor, to win an award is amazing!"

A heartfelt thank you, Victoria, for being a part of the Festival and shining your light on us all.


Festival Choice Award, 2016

Sponsored by San Dimas Hospital

June 2016

The Festival of Arts is delighted to announce that the Festival Choice 2016 was awarded to Richard A. Myer, for his bronze sculpture, Joy Ride, during the 40th Anniversary ‘California Images & History’ Exhibition.

The sponsor of this prestigious award is San Dimas Community Hospital and it’s Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Wienmeister. Because of their generous donation, Joy Ride, will be part of the Festival collection which is showcased in City Hall for the entire community to view.

Richard A. Myer and Kurt Wienmeister of San Dimas Community Hospital.

During the 40th Anniversary Spring Show, Mr. Wienmeister teamed up with Festival leaders to choose the winner for the Festival Choice Award. “There were a lot of great works at the show but Joy Ride was the favorite.”  Mr. Weinmeister adds, “The sculpture has remarkable detail and is beautiful.” 

Sculptor, Richard Myer, has been exhibiting his work since the inception of the show in 1977. He is also the only artist who has won two Festival Choice Awards, Visions of Eagles, 1992, and now Joy Ride. Coming up with the idea to create the sculpture is the “best part of what I do” Richard explains. Joy Ride, was born from a photograph he had taken of his family on his father’s farm in 1963. The ’34 Roadster which the sculpture is patterned after had been kept in the barn.  Richard set up his new Nikon and beganhis photo shoot with his family and friends as they drove on a dirt road.  Little did he know that decades later this photo would inspire the creation of the award-winning sculpture.

Joy Ride by Richard A. Myer, winner of the Festival Choice Award for 2016.

The sculpture took 3 months by using ‘lost wax technique.’ Once the plaster mold was made it was taken to the foundry and the bronze was poured inside.  It is standard practice to make many castings from one mold but in the case of Joyride, the mold was purposely destroyed making this bronze a ‘one-of-a-kind’ work of art.

You may view Joy Ride and other Festival Choice Awards from previous years in City Hall, and on our slideshow. The Festival of Arts is a non-profit community based arts organization and grateful for San Dimas Hospital and Mr. Kurt Wienmeister’s sponsorship of this important award.


Mural Collaboration becomes Wine Label

February 2016

The Festival of Arts board members, Bob Poff and Michael Sullivan collaborated on a mural that exemplified the majesty of the Inland Empire. From this mural, a wine label was conceived and now produced by a local winery.

It all began ten years ago, when Michael Sullivan was a Bonita High School student who had just won the Festival of Arts Best of Show. After graduating Michael was accepted to the Art Center; College of Design in Pasadena and graduated with a degree in illustration.  In a short time he accumulated an impressive resume for interior murals, including Pasadena and Beverly Hills showcase homes.

While Michael was diligently working as a muralist/fine artist and decorative painter, Bob Poff – past city manager of San Dimas for over 24 years, and Festival Board Member and chairman for over 40 years – began thinking of having mural painted in the front patio of his home. Bob and Michael met at one of the Festival’s Western-themed art shows to discuss the prospects and ten days after signing a contract, an 8’ x 12’ mural was completed.

The mural is a beautiful depiction the richness of the Inland Empire with its citrus groves, vineyards and the powerful presence of Mt. Baldy. Bob was elated with the mural and dedicated it to the memory of Pamela J. Jackson, “a beautiful lady” who introduced him the San Antonio Heights, where the house and mural are located.

In 2015, Bob Poff remained captivated by his mural and had an epiphany of how his mural could make a breathtaking wine label.  From that moment, Bob reached out to local wineries he thought might be interested in using the images on his wall that Michael had painted so long ago.

By October, 2015, owners of the Historic Galleano Winery, of Loma Linda, enthusiastically responded to Bob’s letter. Their interest in using the art from the mural has delighted both patron and artist.

Currently, the label has been proofed and is in production and will be featured on bottles of Old Vine Zin and other award-winning varieties.  The Festival of Arts hopes to display the bottles as a tribute to the wonderful collaboration between two Festival members during the upcoming ‘California Images & History’ Spring Art show.

For more information on the Historic Galleano Winery please go to

Don’t forget to visit the Festival of Art’s ‘California Images & History’ Exhibition & Sale, April 22 through the 24, 2016 at Civic Center Plaza. For more information please call (909) 599-5374.